ECMenz was founded in 2007 as a network of men and women dedicated to highlighting the many important roles men play in the early childhood education sector in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

To access the 'Rules of EC-MENz Incorporated' please download this document. pdf

EC-MENz Committee

Russell Ballantyne
Russell Ballantyne graduated as a kindergarten teacher in 1982 from Dunedin College of Education and has taught as a Teacher, Head Teacher, Senior Teacher and General Manager of Dunedin Kindergarten Association. After a philosophical readjustment Russell co opened Early Childhood on Stafford in 2003 and has been teaching there ever since. Russell is a passionate believer in the need for children to have both a male and female perspective in early childhood education and has been a past president of EC-MENz.




 Robin Christie

Vice President
Robin Christie is an early childhood teacher who designs and builds indoor and outdoor learning spaces for young children. His teaching passions include storytelling,  puppetry, wacky science experiments, and sharing the joy of the humble ukulele. He can be reached anytime on robin(at) , or through the Childspace Workshop Facebook page.







Stuart Miller

Stuart J Miller has an interest in education from many years in industry training witnessing the modern education system (the meat   grinder) produce a number of semi-literate dis-engaged trainees (primarily male). As Dr Rangimarie Rose Peres reflected how the ‘thirst for knowledge of tamariki’ is taken from them as the progress through the compulsory sector. Stuart graduated in 1992 with a BCA (accounting major) and the Dip of Education in 2012 both from Victoria University in Wellington. Stuart has had a varied career in the paid workforce from fruit picker, milkman, construction worker, accountant then into the unpaid workforce raising his 2 sons then back into the paid workforce as an Industry Training Organisation administrator and currently he is dividing his time between his sons mental illness called being teenagers and happily having fun as an ECE teacher (women's work as one of my sons iller friends calls it) for Kidicorp.






James Hamilton

James Hamilton is currently enrolled in his final year of a Bachelor of Teaching endorsed in Early Childhood Education. Even since he was a kid, James wanted to be a chef and gained his qualification in 2012. However discovered this was not the career for him and began pursuing an exciting career in early childhood. He still has a passion for food and loves to bring cooking into centres, whether it is baking bread or cooking crabs after dissecting them. Other interests that James brings with him to centres include; the arts, sciences and has started picking up some basic magic skills. Currently he has his final year placement at Early Childhood on Stafford, working alongside fellow EC-MENz committee members Russell and Lyle. He cannot wait to graduate at the end of the year and finally become a teacher (the student loans aren't paying themselves off).    






Committee Members

Nigel Benn, Cyrus Taraporvala, Phillip Ozanne, and Lyle Champness.

Regional Chapters

Regional chapters and associated contacts for EC-Menz can be found here.